Thursday, May 14, 2009

How Star Trek really changed lives. - or at least my life.

Star Trek changed my life in more ways than you can understand.

I watched TOS from the very beginning. Back when very few people did. We watched as a family, and the discussions that came from those shows brought us closer together.

Would my father have worked to integrate his work place if he had not seen the crew of the Enterprise work together without problems

Would we have insisted the dog get neutered if we had not seen The Trouble with Tribbles?

Or more importantly, for me at least. Would I have been brave enough to be a female in an engineering college in the early 80s? To become more than the world expected of me because of Star Trek?

Would I have ever meet my husband had I not attended an early Star Trek convention? Or traveled as much as I did to attend Star Trek conventions? Have meet so many people who became life long friends because of Star Trek?

Ya, I think I can say Star Trek changed my life. Star Wars just showed people in other galaxies have just as many daddy issues as we did. Star Trek said that the person I looked at in the mirror every day could be some thing more.

That after a few more hiccups we could get it right.

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