Saturday, August 01, 2009

Byron vs. the grass machine

Well I think Safety Jan is gone and buried. I just went out to mow the lawn. Even though the lawn is still wet from yesterday's rain, I wanted to get the lawn mowed when the sun was out. I want a little more color so instead of mowing the lawn in long sleeves and pants, I put on a little bikini. Not wanting to bother with socks, or any of the steel toed shoes I own, I grabbed my favorite pair of "I can loose these sandals".

Out I went.

First I had set aside a small area of the yard for Fidget's lawn cage. I like to let him dig in the ground and eat grass outside some times. He loves it and is quite safe in his pen. Then I started the lawn mower. Byron hates the lawn mower, with a passion he normally saves for a vacuum cleaner. He usually runs behind me barking at the mower as I move around the yard. Not today.

Today he stood, ears up tail back and legs ready for the attack. Between the terrible grass machine monster and Fidgets pen. As I moved back and forth over the grass, he kept his body between me and the pen. If I moved to the front of the yard he stepped forward. As I came to the back of the yard again he moved back, always keeping his tail close to the pen.

I just came back inside to write about his protective stance, and get something to drink. He is still guarding the pen with Fidget in it. I have to go out and get him in a second, it's time to feed Byron and Drumstick.

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