Friday, September 25, 2009

My very last viewing of Fringe

Watching the season opener of Fringe last night. Usually a good show, it's first year showed some promise. Last night was the start of the second season, several cliffhangers to resolve, new team dynamics to fill. And apparently because it's FOX network, the obligatory lupus mention. The team was investigating a series of missing persons cases. All within a small community, with one person being connected to them. A doctor, who's wife and son died many years ago. Fringe recap

The head investigator, and resident smart guy has the bodies of the man's wife and son dug up for investigation. Well the wife's anyway. The small casket is empty, something dug it's way out! Okay, this is a sf kind of a show, so far I can buy that some creature that looked kind of human survived and dug it's way out of a coffin. What I can't over look is shoddy research. When you give a character, or a dead character an illness, you can't give that illness new powers. You can't make it worse in your universe than it is in the real universe. Yes I'm picky. I bought the mole kid. I refused to buy that the team realized mole kid existed when they exhumed the mother's body and found she had lupus.

Yes the big plot hing for the entire story was that the dead woman could not have given birth because she had lupus. And as Dr. Bishop explained to everyone one, more than once, "She could not have gotten pregnant, she had lupus."

Well darn it JJ Abrams and Bad Robot, pay attention! Woman who have lupus can so get pregnant. It's not easy. It's a risky event. Yes some times our bodies are infertile, which is not the same as "Her immune system would have attacked the fetus like it was a tumor" The baby would have survived just fine without being turned into a mole boy.

Hopkins center lupus and pregnancy

WebMD lupus and pregnancy

Woman with lupus can have children just fine thank you. Woman with lupus have been having children just fine for many many many years. It's bad enough I have to keep hearing the House "It's never lupus." from every one. Now we have to add this gem?

This show just dropped off my to watch list. Permanently

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  1. that's ridiculous- in this day & age there is no excuse for misinformation like that. i'm sure even a cursory check of medline would be enough to get correct information. i'm sorry.


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