Saturday, September 26, 2009

Steps around Salem with Laura Stamps

Catching up on my weekend.  I took the bus up to Salem Ma as a good lj and good reads friend, the author    Laura Stamps was in town   She was there with her agent Rick and his wife Janice.  Rick snapped a quick picture of us once we meet at Cornerstone Books.  I picked that as a good meeting place as it has the two things I need most when I am in Salem, good cheap coffee and free wifi. 

Took a couple of nice pictures of Laura and I when we meet, then a second set at the end of the day.  We had walked all the way from Pickering Wharf to the Bewitched Statue. 

In front of Cornerstone books

At the Bewitched Statue

Got some more herbs, and a few new books.  Ya I know I should not be spending more money, but I'm a silly girl some times.   We went to the following stores, not in this order exactly, but close

picklepot salem  Picklepot A nice craft supply store that has a little bit of artists works, and a small bead center.  Run by a friend of mine, who I don't get to see often enough.   

Artemisia Botanical The nicest herb store on the planet. If you need it for making tea to making potions, they have it.  The only place I am able to find  feverfew One of the few things that helps the constant fevers that come with lupus. 

new england magic  New England Magic Grabbed a few new books, collections from prior issues of the Witches Almanac.

Pyramid books Nice book store, that sells fewer and fewer books every year and more and more high end altar items. 

Laurie Cabot was not there, but we did make the pilgrimage to The Cat the Crow and the Crown   They have a sign up looking for full time help.  Ya if I lived closer to Salem, I would so work there.  It is a single bus ride away, and at best at 20 minute drive, but I mean more like five minutes.  Like if I lived right in Salem.  

Hex salem  Hex Salem Found the cutest Falling House warning sign here last week.  We did not go in on Saturday, but I would be remiss if I did not mention it.

Crowhaven Corner the oldest witch shop in Salem. Started by Laurie, now run by Lorelei. Crowhaven Corner

Well it's time for me to head to my doctor's appointment.  Then a visit to the Housing Authority.  I have a busy busy day planned.  Hope everyone has a good day.

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