Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Fen wedding of the year

The first dance of the Wedding Bash - Congratulations to the Bride and Groom.

Went to Karyn and Tyler's wedding bash.  Fun was had by all.

Wedding bash Album

I was wearing this necklace  --. A necklace I got many years ago in New Jersey. It was for a wedding I took part in.  I was a friend of the groom, and was part of the wedding party.  So as did the other woman in the group, I got the above necklace.      

This is important because, well the woman who gave me this necklace was there, at the party.  She and my friend had broken up. She had moved to Boston.  I knew she was around, but never took the time to track her down when I returned. I kind of thought it would be an odd thing to do.  Since I was more a friend of her X husband than her. 

I walked over to say hello, and she did not recognize me.    did recognize the necklace, and even commented on it and how she only thought there were four in existence.  I realized she did not recognize me!  So I smiled and said, yes Jen there are only four, you gave this one to me at your wedding.  To Beldon 

I think she got a bit upset, but I thought it was the funniest thing.  Had to share it with , who thought it was cute also. But to the person wearing the wedding dress, everything is cute. 

Well I am exhausted, time for bed.  I hope I have the energy to get up in the morning.  Two straight days of being busy is pushing it for me.


When Karyn was talking about how to cut the cake I started giving her encouragement to cut the cake.  Well, I thought I was, no instead I was volunteering for it.   She stepped back from giving Tyler his first bite of cake, pointed at me and said "We need a volunteer to cut the cake' and volunteers"   I just started laughing.

It is not all that hard, you just need two knives, and helpers to deliver the cake. 

Badger and I left at about 8pm.  I had read the invitation wrong and thought I was suppose to be there by 2 for set up.  No it was 5 for set up and 6 for party.  So we took advantage of being in Central Square and grabbed some Indian food, a bit of spices and tea mixes.

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