Sunday, October 25, 2009

Things that have not surprised me this week

So many things I don't know where to start.

- Southland has been picked up by TNT and once the deal is ironed out the shows will air.

Come on people are we that dumb? I guess we are. See when the low rated Southland was 'canceled' it was after half the season had already been filmed and PAID for by NBC. NBC made the deal with Jay Leno to give him the 10pm slot before a single episode of Southland was shot.

Yet they still filmed Southland, then just before the season was to start, it was canceled. The hipster blogs, and the Leno hating bloggers picked up the cancellation that never was and ran with it. Now if NBC knew months before filming started that the show would never air, why pay for it to be filmed.

Easy, because NBC and the show runner were shopping the show. By having NBC pay for the filming of half the season, a smaller cable network could afford to buy the rest of the show. The network NBC is a part of owns several cable networks, but each one is a separate entity. So it was not possible to just announce that Southland would be moving to another network.

Since the not-cancellation Southland has become a very talked about show. Publicity like that can not be bought! Heck I am talking about it now and I have no intention to watch it. I simply want to tip my cap to the genius who though this up. Way to go Mad Men of 2009. I hope you get a big bonus for it.


Thing that did not surprise me number two. Well the mother of not in the balloon boy" has in a sworn affidavit said the entire event was a hoax. It was the families attempt to get publicity. Sadly, they should have contacted the person I tiped my cap to above. That person would have told them to find an accomplice who could have taken little weird named boy and hidden him a few hundred feet from the balloon. Leave his little coat in the balloon or something so the idiots who are American Main Stream Media can start back tracking his entire "flight". Then have the friend bring the boy out from hiding. So that instead of being in the attic, or shuffled around the house to hide him from the police and searchers. He would have actually been "outside" under the path of the balloon.

Most importantly, if your going to raise your kids to be good reality television stars. Teach them the difference between telling the truth, and telling a tv truth. Or at least rehearse before taking the show to CNN.

My first thought when I heard the little boy threw up on TV was that the parents must have given him something to make him sick. Just in case he told the truth (like he did) and spoiled the families chance to become super rich.

I hope that poor kid and his two brothers get taken away from those parents.

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