Monday, October 26, 2009

Oh well, I'm shelled - facing eviction

Ya, today is a horrible day. Just horrible. Not only is my pain level through the roof, but my former mortgage company, now the owner of my home is driving me ape shit. Back in September we were negotiating a new value on my mortgage as the house had lost so much value that the mortgage was considered "under water" the amount I owed on the house was more than double the current value of the house. Plus, as any regular readers of this blog know, my health is getting worse.

My doctor had suggested I think about applying for an apartment with the Revere Housing Authority. They had in September several openings for disabled residences. I decided to apply for housing, and let the mortgage company know they could take my house to foreclosure. I told them that on September 21st. I figured this would give me say 90 days to get approved for housing and move into the new elderly and disabled complex.

I figured that the mortgage company would have to go to court to take control of the house and I would get the usual 90 days to vacate. However, instead of going to court, the mortgage holder sold the house to themselves. Suddenly after being as slow as a glacier, the mortgage company is pushing me to move. Last week I was speaking to someone about being given some money to assist with my move. I agree and expected to receive a check this week. Instead I returned from a doctor's appointment this morning to find a note on my door from Harmon Law offices telling me to vacate the property in 72 hours.

Tried calling the number on the letter, as the letter is dated October 20th. I have no idea what that means for a deadline as the letter is a week old. Does that mean I should expect a sheriff at my door tomorrow? Not sure as there is no answer at the number on the letter - 781-292-3900, does any one else want to try?

I told the person I was speaking to last week, a Karen that I would need assistance moving, both monetary and some one to help me pack and move. Hey girl uses canes to get around and is in frequent mind numbing pain. I thought it was going to be forthcoming, I guess I was wrong.

Not sure what I am going to do at this point. Medical bills have kicked my ass this year, and eaten away at everything. Already spent over six thousand on medication alone, and I have fourteen thousand in unpaid hospital bills. All this on a disability income of twenty nine thousand a year. Really, my attempts to stay alive are killing me.

Going back to the Revere Housing Authority tomorrow with the additional paper work they asked for, and this new letter. Perhaps they can help me figure out what is going on. If not...

Well I don't know, I don't know what else to do. I don't have enough money to move on my own, not even enough to rent a truck, much less pay first and last plus security. Of course being me, I am more worried about my pets and my grandmother's electric organ than my own situation.

Anybody want a beach house? Current market value is only 99,000. My mortgage was 210,000!!

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