Wednesday, October 14, 2009

My next magic wand really

Some times Google gets just weird enough to be fun.  Like today, I was looking at  Street Level one of the many blogs on the Asylum Network    Some times the most amazing things appear on one of those pages.   I found an article on a new remote control which had been written up in a few magazines.  Wired, being the best known.

The web page, is just amazing, The Wand   Yes I bought it, and it will hopefully arrive in a week or two.  I have so many different things in this house that use remotes, I wonder if I can use it on the fans, and the air conditioner. 

Yes will take plenty of pictures and videos when it arrives.   Now going to look and see if anyone has gotten there before me.  So much a geek, so much it does not hurt.

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