Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Yoko Ono rising - The Sun is down

  Yoko Ono is recording again, and as is her style, going places no one has ever gone before.   As always she invents, if we are brave enough to follow so be it.  Never leading and to busy making her own path to bother with followers. 

Today she did something special.  Not only releasing her new single "The Sun is Down" but doing so via creative commons.  She is inviting people to take the bare bones tracks she released at this web site.  The Sun is Down   and giving any one who wants to a chance to add to her music.  There is a link where if people are so inclined, they can send an Mp3 of their version. 

One you agree to the limited legalize, that is.   Some one, the web page does not say who. Will listen to all the music sent in, and the best ones will get a chance to hear their music heard by everyone.   The song is a good one, nice clean track, something I could listen to more than once.

As always Yoko leads the way. If I had the tinest bit of music skills, I might follow.

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