Monday, October 19, 2009

I has a magic wand - that runs my television set

Had to go with LEET speak for this post. My magic Wand has arrived.

It does not come out of the box knowing any commands. Much like any wand there is a learning curve for both user and wand. First the new owner has to learn the motions the wand knows. Then the user teaches the wand what they would like the wand to do for each movement.

So far I have managed to teach the wand to change the volume and bring up the guide. Still working on each command, you have to be exact with the motion of the wand in order to get it to respond to the commends. I get the motion right about half the time. My hands twitching does not help. When the wand is so motion sensitive, any twitching at all will confuse the wand. It will take time and practice to use the wand to it's full extent.

Looking forward to it.  Does anyone else have one?  Would they like to share stories of their learning curve??


  1. I don't have one, but I'm excited for you! :)

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    Happy casting



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