Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Book review - Future Noir The making of Blade Runner

Most people if asked to name their favorite movies will list Blade Runner some where in the top ten. I stumbled upon this book about the making of Blade Runner at a used book store. Origionally published in 1996, I am sorry I missed it when it first came out.

The book was written by Paul M. Sammon who wrote several articles about Blade Runner for Cinefantastique. Many of those articles form the bases for each chapter in the book. He touches on how each set was designed and built. The process of finding actors and actresses for each role.

The book opens with a wonderful chapter on Phillip K. Dick and his story "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep" sadly the story is not included in the book. If possible people should try to read this story.

He tells this wonderful story of the hiring of Rutger Hauer getting hired for the film. How he cut and died his hair and wore an outfit much like he thought Roy would wear. He apparently scared Ridley Scott enough to give him the role right then. He also shares the story of how Harrison Ford and Sean Young did not get along well, changing forever for me at least the scene his his apartment. I understand now why so many people call it a "rape scene" not a love scene.

His chapters about how the film became a cult classic, and how in later years the directors cut release showed more of Scott's vision.

Finally the book closes with an interview of Ridley Scott and a list of just how many versions of Blade Runner there are. A number which I am sure, has changed in the ten plus years since this great book came out.

All and all an enjoyable read, Future Noir The Making of Blade Runner one I recommend this book to even the most casual fan of the movie.

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