Friday, October 23, 2009

Soupy Sales - no longer in the running for president

Just heard the very sad news that comedian Soupy Sales has died. I remember as a kid loving to watch his very silly show after school. He was a specialist in the kid friendly (and adult winking) comedy. He did silly sketch comedy, usually ending with a pie being tossed in someone's face. Frequently his.

I remember meeting him as a kid, he would come to Boston every year and 'run' the Boston Marathon. He had a huge for the time mobile home, and he would walk maybe under a mile, signing autographs and posing for pictures. Then get in the mobile home and rest up. Sometimes he would take a week or more to 'run' the Boston Marathon. It was not mentioned in his Soupy Sales wiki obit. I also remember him running for President of the United States. He did that as he did everything, with a bit of silliness and a love for his fans.

He was Pee Wee Herman before there was a Pee Wee, and without the icky arrest. Without him, Saturday Night Live might never have asked people to mail them joints. Soupy famously told children to sneak into their parents rooms and mail him all the pretty green paper with pictures on it they found.

Many kids did, and he had to go on the air and tell kids to stop! He donated the money to charity, and was suspended from the air for two weeks. New Yorkers and their children picketed, yes picketed! Until he was returned to the air.

Oddly enough, this morning after dropping the roommie off a work, I felt the need to stop at IHOP. Well it's Pumpkin Pancake time at IHOP. And when the waitress brought over my whipped cream, she got a little bit on me! I have a feeling Soupy might have had something to do with that. So be careful around whipped cream today.

Or in honor of Soupy, hit someone in the face with a whipped cream pie today.

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