Friday, November 13, 2009

A girl, her house a bank and a company

Oh man, for the record, I feel like total crap.

So time for an update on the housing situation. I found this company called DMS Investments,Inc that purchases homes about to be foreclosed on and then leases them back to the home owners. Until such time as the home owner can attempt to buy back their home, or in my case goes into adaptive housing. The owner of this company, well actually I think it's a larger company, and he just works in this location. He has made an offer to the bank for the property, he would buy it occupied, i.e. with me in it. Then I would rent the property from him, and in turn continue to live here as long as I could maintain rent payments.

The bank is sending a home appraiser to the house on Monday. David has made an offer to the bank for what he considers the current value of the home. The bank while it knows what it really wants for the house, market value will decide what the price is. Sadly, current market value is about half of what I owe on the house. So it is in my best interest for the house to have a low a market value as possible.

The only thing that will cancel my debt to the bank is to declare bankruptcy. Which is an option. A sad option, but an option never the less. I am saddened to think that my medical issues have taken me this close to the edge. But then I have lots and lots of company.

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