Sunday, November 08, 2009

People who need to move - Neighbor of USS Constitution wants cannon silenced.

Yes move from what be a very nice and expensive condo from a very nice and expensive area. Neighbor complains about USS Constitution Well alright that is not how WBZ reporter Karen Anderson put it. She titled her report "Neighbors try to silence USS Constitution cannons"

Now I have two problems with that headline. First it is not neighbors it is neighbor, one person (well two people living at one address) wrote the commander of the frigate Constitution, asking nicely if the ship that made their freedom to be dicks possible could please stop saluting the start and end of every day. You know something that every ship of every line does EVERY day. Around the world.

Second problem, just with the headline, is the USS Constitution does not fire off "cannons" it fires off one single cannon. A single shot one boom is heard twice a day, once at 8am, and again when the sun goes down. Oh how would those neighbors feel if the singular cannon was fired off at the true break of day. Me I would adore it. Of course I suffer from migraines, and would wince in pain, for a half second. Then smile remembering the people firing that cannon are part of our Navy, and stationed on, the oldest active naval vessel in the world.

Now to get to my problem with the people who made the complaint. They moved to the condo 8 years ago. The USS Constitution was firing off her cannon twice a day when they moved there. They knew, and have known for 8 years that this happens. Yet now, after eight years, they want it to stop. Because it bugs them, and annoys their guests. If I was a guest at their house I would be green with envy. I would be annoyed because they got to hear it every day and I did not.

And say a silent prayer to every god and goddess I know, and a few of the big ones I don't know personally. Being ever thankful that I am above the grass and can still hear her. Oh please WBZ, share with us the name of those lovely people who don't like the noise. Because we should all be allowed to give them the silent treatment.

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