Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The other knee

Today was a busy, two different hospitals. Three different doctors. Two different tests, and blood work. Drove up to Mass General Hospital for blood work, and to pick up some films from my last knee MRI.

From there it was over to Cambridge Hospital to talk to an orthopedic surgeon about my right knee. She is pretty sure that the damage to the knee can be repaired. Unlike the fancy pants specialist who felt my medical history was such that repairing my knee would be a waste. He said that with my health, I would be unable to walk soon enough. I am glad I got a second opinion. Just because I am not a world class athlete does not mean I should hobble.

Then I discovered the cd disk I had been given at MGH was for my back, not my right knee. So I have to go back again. What a pain in the ass that was.

Stopped at Micro Center on the way home, they were having a nice sale on mini laptops. I was going to get a replacement ASUS since the little blue laptop has a bad screen. Instead I found a nice litte Sony. It was a bit more than I planned on spending about twice actually, but has a cd drive a larger hard drive than this laptop and a built in camera.

Bluetooth and a GPS built in. Thanks to xmarks I have already down loaded my bookmarks. Just letting it charge up now. I just have to load on all my medical records, and films.

Might have found a way to save my house. The new deed to lease program might help. I'm to tired to post much today.

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