Wednesday, November 04, 2009

So much for keeping things light

Oh man, my left leg muscles are so tight I feel like death can't come soon enough. Looking into a few more options that will let me continue to live here. Maybe find a person who can buy the house for me and let me rent it. Most of the places I have talked to so far look at my expenses and tell me I need to find ways to cut back. Like I can't stop taking my medications, and I am NOT going to get rid of my pets.

Some way where I can continue to live here.

I should be moving stuff into the storage unit, except I can't walk. So driving and all that shit is right the fuck out.

Coming up on the anniversary of my younger brothers death. I am sure there will be a ruckus about it, there always is. Maybe my grandmother is right, the wrong person died that day.

Sorry, I am not in a good place right now.

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