Sunday, November 01, 2009

My favorite candy.

Much to my surprise last night's most popular candy was the Sugar Daddy A treat I was nuts about as a kid. I stumbled upon it when I stopped at the dollar store along with a bag of smarties and blow pops. Treats I remember fondly. Figuring the kids would go for the chocolate candy, and leave the caramel treats for me I grabbed two bags, forty small Sugar Daddy's. The Smarties (a less than stellar NECCO wafer) did not get many takers, but the Sugar Daddy's I had to pull back on. The first bag was gone within a half hour. The second bag almost gone, I had to pull the last ten back for myself.

The normal candy Peanut Butter cups and Kit Kats went quickly also as I expected they would. The screams of joy I heard from the kids finding Sugar Daddy's was about as loud as mine on finding it at the Dollar Store.

Today would normally be the day I went out and enjoyed hitting day after Halloween sales. But not this year. Nope not this year.

Should be packing, but my legs are killing me.

This is one of the places I am looking at moving to. Watersedge Revere

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