Thursday, December 10, 2009

From Twitter 12-09-2009

Up to get room mate to work, joints hurt but not so bad, maybe this will be the day I put up a tree. Already got a few presents to go under
Took 16 instead of 60 this morning, Traffic not as bas as expected. people in #boston forget how to drive in winter weather every year WTF
Having a brain fart. What doctor was I suppose to see today? Nine doctors a girl gets forgetful. And in this weather, please...
Doctor's appointment today with stomach doctor at 1:40pm Good day for it, feel okay, no stomach issues YET...
Back from doctor appt. Got an appt for a endoscopy on the 23, 7am what a way to spend the holiday. Today was way to long a day for me.
It's time for our first thunder snow storm. M has never been on the beach in winter, so she did not expect thunder when it started snowing
No place I would rather be during a snow thunder storm than the beach. lightening strokes the waves shivers the snow & shakes our homes
Wow, food stayed down for an entire hour tonight. As diets go this one sucks. Doc said I am still obese Don't feel obese feel awful.

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