Thursday, December 24, 2009

From Twitter 12-23-2009

I should be in the hospital right now, but I was to weak to get out of bed this morning. Could not even get up to take care of the zoo.
Listening to an NPR show about a woman who healed her MS by giving gifts to other people. Makes me want to puck even more than normal.
Going to close the laptop and try to nap. Feeling just awful today, stomach and gut pain is worse than normal.
Trying to eat some cereal. Hoping it stays DOWN. Wasted away the day mostly sleeping. Guess I needed it more than I thought
Woke up and ate something. The timer to see if it stays down starts now. At least I can walk without falling down. A first for the day.
Time for bed, please please please let me sleep tonight. Please please

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