Friday, December 25, 2009

From Twitter 12-24-2009

Still running a 99.7 fever. Has to be above 100.5 for the hospital to care. Need to get meds and bird food. So I has to get out of bed soon
Back from pet store. I forgot pet bedding. F**k
Listened to a nice NPR show on Charles Dickens. Wish I could give all my wonderful friends holiday presents
following @noradsanta a family tradition as I do every year. Got to know where to meet up with Dad to switch bags and give him coffee
RT @noradsanta: NORAD reports Santa has just left Kaduna, Nigeria!
The best part of watching @noradsanta is watching the number of followers grow by leaps and bounds. Face it I'm ten tonight
Just took my temp. Still 99.6 WFT body, stop it already I need to feel GOOD no GREAT on xmas eve. Gotta take care of Santa and all
I love the web, watching the 1947 Miracle on 34 st right now. on fancast
Watching Miracle on 34th Street:Miracle on 34th Street (Cinemax) - One more TIME
Still not to old to wait up for #Santa. @noradsanta says he is in Puerto Rico already. Should be here soon. Hope he got my letter
Noradsanta says #Santa is in RI now. Less than a minute until he reaches #Boston. I'm going to sleep now. sugarplums dancing away. ho ho ho

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