Saturday, December 26, 2009

From Twitter 12-25-2009

RT @noradsanta: Lihue, Kauai, Santa's last stop before he heads home to the North Pole! What a trip - thanks everyone for hanging out wi ...
Calling it a christmas mairacle Went down stairs to fill the dogs bowl with water, found a full size bag of pet bedding. Cleaned pens
Arrived in Palmer. My legs are killing me, Nice to be sitting down.
Watching Up with the family, Going to be eating soon. Took two viocodin hope they kick in soon.
I hope everyone is having a good holiday. Nathan is having a melt down. His father just sat and watched the basketball game.
Time to open presents. So I will be logging off now.
Back home from my travels. I do so hate driving in holiday traffic. Everyone is in a bad mood, even me. at least the long day is over
Watching my gift to me Queer eye for the Red Sox Guys
Laughed away the entire day in just one simple hour. Give or take Queer Eye was a riot, and canceled to soon. Wish it was still on the air

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