Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Spent a lot of time with my bed, not on it just with it

I think my tweets today say it all. When I got up this morning I went up to vote. So proud of my self, I was the fifth person to vote today. Voting ended just a bit ago, will be following the results later.

When I got back from voting I discovered someone had thrown up in my bed. Add wash mattress to the list of things to do. Real room clean day

Not sure which boy got sick, can't DNA barf, but they both ate well this evening. So what ever went wrong this morning has cleared up.

Zip off mattress top is clean and back on the bed. Thank you select comfort for making such an easy to clean pad. Sadly the light comforter is trash, it took most of the real barf, while it was just soaked in goodness that made it to the mattress. The select comfort mattress is made to take apart, I was able to zip off the pillow top, air out the foam liner. The top and I went to the local laundromat where for just under ten dollars I got to throw it in one of those massive laundry machines. (Ya, it will not fit in the one at home) Took out the big feather quilt from the closet and tossed that one the bed.

Because I am a nut, and have to tell the world all about my dirty laundry I twittered a thank you to select comfort for being so easy to clean. And got a ping back from a company representative. This is almost as amazing as the time I twittered about a problem with my cable and got contacted by the repair people.

Considering the amount of time I spend in this bed, yes it does a very good job of taking care of me. I will most likely pay for all my running around tomorrow. But right now the bed is clean, the sheets are fresh and clean, and both dogs are snoring away like nothing happened. Of course, if they barf on the feather quilt I might be a bit upset. Will probably fold the quilt up every morning so nothing happens to it. This quilt is so big and fluffy that I can roll it up in to a pillow. Weighs nada warms better than an electric blanket.

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