Monday, December 07, 2009

Four books I found at the dollar store.

Stopped at the dollar store to get wrapping paper walked through the book aisle and found four books I wanted.

Bob Newhart I shouldn't even be doing this!

Bill Maher When you ride alone you ride with bin Laden

Charles Nicholl The Lodger Shakespeare

Drew Curtis It's not news, It's Fark

All for a dollar.

Stopped at Land of Liquors and picked up a holiday gift for my dad, they have a nice selection of high end liquors. I also had requested they let me know when the get in a Old New England Egg Nog. It is made and bottled right in Somerville and has been hard to find this year. They finally got some in and I bought a case worth. Yes 80 dollars worth liquor. Yummy yummy. Now all I need to do is add ground up mace.

I should eat first...
Anybody want some eggnog

Book reviews to follow. Once I feel better. If I ever feel better.

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