Monday, January 11, 2010

Book on my to find and read list

Read to great book reviews on Alternet today. Made me want to track down both books

The first is a book about employment law, and just how messed up it is. Lewis Maltby talks about the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory and how what was once a test to help mental patients is not a test given my corporations to enter the work force. I had to take such a test to work at Petco. Can They do That?

Alternet review by Liliana Segura

Then a review by Phillip S. Smith caught my eye. Dorm Room Dealers I was against the recent passage of drug laws allowing people a 'small' amount of drugs. I am interested in reading this book. Hope my local library has both of them, or can order them for me.

Dorm Room Dealers

Having a nice quiet semi tense sit on the couch. The dogs are on one side, and the cat is sitting on the arm of the couch nearest to me. Drumstick is doing his best to look any where BUT at her. This is the best he has done. So there is hope he will get better.

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