Monday, January 11, 2010

From Twitter 01-10-2010

I have a new #SNL theory, the more McGrubbers the worst the guest host
Just woke up, I should have never stayed awake to watch SNL. Took my sleeo meds after the show and fell asleep at I missed a full day
I think #NBC does not have a lot of faith in #Chuck putting it on against the 20 anniversary of Simpsons. I will watch Chuck and dvr Bart
So Dateline NBC is suggesting we need some kind of intersect where all the data gets compaired. Just before #Chuck starts. Good lead off
#CHUCK Chuck Chuck
#Chuck What, well, how First esisode of the season it already rocks my world. Super good in the first few minutes.
Lets make #Chuck a trending topic Even coment on the adds Like I thought that Honda add was part of the show. I'm so excited about #Chuck
Has anyone else noticed we have yet to have a #Subway add on #Chuck tonight. Did I get the foot long for nothing?
So do we support a season four of #Chuck by pigging out on tubs of cheese balls? Have the powers that be noticed were trending topic yet?
#Chuck spoiler he started flashing again.
#Chuck what what! That's one way to get rid of a character But dramatic.
Just tried the new Brighams flavor Happy 95th anniversary. Ice Cream with frosting and candy bits. Sweet Vanilla base gonna eat it all now
#Chuck yes Sara is the secret to the flashes, Had to be Casey on the way to the rescue. GO #Chuck
#Chuck passed that other tv show topic is just about the top topic.
Second hour of #Chuck, Hope there are some good watching parties going on tonight
Good #Chuck tonight. Enjoying the show, can't wait for tomorrows episode. Feel bad for tonights bad guy. Well one bad guy down
Because football messed everything up, I did not get the entire Simpsons special. I will have to see if it's on Demand later.

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