Sunday, January 10, 2010

From Twitter 01-09-2010

Hate not being able to sleep, tossed & turned all night long. never slept for longer than 90 minutes. I think I should just give up sleep
Did not sleep well last night. Have to go up to the pet store today and get crickets. Maybe make a few other stops as well. Nothing big
Listening to Car Talk using the laptop, keep dropping the stream and have to log back in. Driving me nuts missing so much of the show
Watching a show about cats on AP. Every time a cat meows on tv Drumstick looks around for Purrball. Silly boy, she is asleep upstairs
HolyCrap #Rocky Horror Picture Show is on Fuse at 8pm. I know what I will NOT be watching tonight. YMMV but I hate that movie so much
Football is still on. at 11:13. Does this mean no new SNL in 15 minutes? Or no late night news? Wonder what NBC will go with?
Well NBC just showed an SNL add. lets see I am going to wait just a bit longer and see what happens.

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