Sunday, January 31, 2010

From Twitter 01-30-2010

I was having the nicest dream. Warm sun, siting in a bench watching Boston go by. Then the dogs woke me up.
So very tired today, all I want to do is nap nap nap. Be back in a bit. stupid lupus I hates it
My joints are aching today, not a fun day at all. I took my pain meds just messing with my blogs &
RT @gavindecuir: Sleet taps a message / on white frosted window panes- / "stay inside today". #haiku
It's the 10th anniversary of Boondock Saints. Watch the 1st movie on the big screen again on 3/10
Fussing with zoo tycoon again. downloaded the ape animal program. thougth it would be fun to make the animals from last aviatar Hope i can

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