Wednesday, January 27, 2010

NECCO wafers and me

Wow, the fire station near me must be exhausted. I have been hearing the fire alarm go off quite often lately. Bet there have been a lot of small fires around that they have to fight.

NECCO must have changed it's Sweet Hearts recipe, they don't taste quite the way they use to. A bit of a sour note in them this year. Usually they taste a lot like regular Necco wafers. I love NECCO wafers, but they are hard to find some times. Which is odd, because they are made in Revere. About a mile from my house. They use to be made in Cambridge MA and back in the 70's you could tell what flavor they were making just by taking a deep breath. Now. even if your in the parking lot of the factory you can't tell.

I know it's safer for the environment, but gosh how dangerous was it to smell? It's another part of my childhood gone.

Still it's odd that considering the sweets are made in town that I have to search for them. When my brother comes back from California every year he grabs NECCO wafers and Prince spaghetti. Two things you can't get on the west coast.

Here is a link to the NECCO . Got to love a company that makes a candy called "squirrel nut zippers" Or for that matter, a band that would give themselves that as a name Squirrel Nut Zippers

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  1. I agree with you. I tried these new hearts, and my heart broke. Why mess with something that is so good, and if the change was needed one not offer both versions.


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