Wednesday, January 27, 2010

From Twitter 01-26-2010

Going to take a shot at this thing they call sleep, lets see if it comes to me, since I can't seem to go to it.. Night all
Room mates dogs are outside barking to get in. Going to leave them outside till they get back. What a pair of whinny dogs.
Just bumped into Janice D -con brat- at CVS, got the okay to take her & her brother to Boskone for just 1 day
Got my Boondocks Saints 2 sweatshirt today, the guy at the post office has BS ring tone on his cell phone. Dam I love #Revere
I love this new doctor on #Scrubs Russell is a great foil for Turk.
#Better off Ted was good tonight. I hope some new people caught Ted and #Scrubs while waiting for a repeat of last seasons end of #Lost.
Just walked back up stairs. Found out that Byron was on the bed doing his 'digging' on my bed. He ripped the brand new flannel sheets

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