Tuesday, January 26, 2010

From Twitter 01-25-2010

Having a photo sensative day today. Luckly I can wait for the mail and my package in relative darkness. Keep the screen dark so I can read
Happy Get day to my beloved Byron. He has been part of my life since January 25th 2002. The best friend a person could ever have is a dog
Been waiting all day for my package to arrive. Went to the bathroom, and there was a knock at the door. Finally game to play & review 4 $
Rain is coming down so hard I can hear it hitting the ground. Tim to get more ice tea and hit the pain meds. I so hate what lupus has done
Today is suppose to be the saddest possible day of the year. But today is Byron's 'Get Day' so how can the day I got Byron be a sad day ever
Time for a new episode of #Chuck everyone.
Been playing the new zoo tycoon, and found a problem already, game has changed it's size on screen. can't get full screen.
Watching #Chuck this episode rocks. Steve Austin as a bad guy Chuck in a casket (with someone) else don't worry

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