Monday, January 25, 2010

Today is Byron's GET DAY.

byron looking goofy

One December 26th 2001 (my x husband's birthday) Byron was found roaming around New York City all on his own.

He was taken by New York City Animal Control to the shelter and kept their until January 25th 2002, when he was taken by Keeshound rescue and brought to the house of my Friends Beldon and Nightwing.   They kept him until mid April when they realized they could not longer keep him with their older male.

I asked if I could have him, and they were kind enough to let me become his mom.  Since he came into my life so much has changed, but one thing has remained the same.  Him.

I don't know what I would do without Byron, he is the greatest gift anyone has even given me.   Since he was at least 8 months old when he was found that means he was born some time in 2001.  Since I don't know when he was born, I celebrate tomorrow as his 'get day'

So happy GET DAY Byron.

Meanwhile I am watching Dr. Dolittle. I had forgotten just how bad a movie it was it is a movie so bad it's turns round and becomes good again.  The photography is amazing, The story total fantasy and a very silly fun ride.  The movie has it's problems, to many to name, but it is fun.  I have a new channel on Comcast, Retroplex which shows old movies, without a single commercial break.  It's addicting in a silly cheesy way. 

Well happy get day Byron.

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