Tuesday, January 05, 2010

One long update

Today is the first day since well before christmas that I have felt well enough to sit up. Had not slept well last night, I went to see my Rhumy who spent some time going over all my medications with me. We talked about my being sick for three weeks, and she said she thinks it's a virus. No maybe not THAT virus, but a virus. Well I should know in a day or two she took blood. She also wanted me to call my own doctor and let her know my blood pressure was up. I forgot. Oops.

Sunday night was scary, while I was sleeping I apparently threw up! Slept through the entire thing, woke up at 6am and so did not like what I found. I tried cleaning the room yesterday and could not get the smell of throw up out of the room. Discovered this morning that I had not only got the bed, the comforter (only a little) but my shoes and dirty laundry.

Was to sick to do first night this year. Sorry those of you who were waiting for my pictures from new years, I slept through it.

I get a kick out of living here. I was at the Rhumys this morning and they have a new check in. One of the questions they ask is what languages I speak. I said English, Elvish and a smattering of Klingon. The nurse started looking for those languages on the computer, until the doctor standing next to her explained that they were not real languages. I asked her if she had ever heard of Star Trek, and she said NO. As the nurse called me in to the office, the other doctor was trying to explain the world of Trek to her.

Ran a few errands, made a stop a Burlington Coat Factory to pick up some flannel sheets, on sale and worth it. As I was making the bed Byron jumped on the bed and I had to make the bed around him. I think I might have to get under the bed with the steamer and finally give the room a good cleaning.

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