Wednesday, January 06, 2010

From Twitter 01-05-2010

Back from the doctors office. I promise super long posts to lj/fb/blogger and the rest soon honest. soon...
2 new Scrubs and 2 Better off Ted tonight. I guess ABC is burning off all the new episodes before LOST starts.
Back from errands, Just discovered the Comcast office near my house closed. I have to go to Malden to pay my bills now. That's a bummer
28 days to the first spring holiday. Red Sox Truck day
Ready to get my Scrubs on. If ABC 5 would just STFU about the lack of weather. It's cold cause it's January big whoop I know that already
#SCRUBS did they really just say Dr. Cox was college roommates with Michael Bolton! The Michael Bolton. Now I have to wiki Michael Bolton
This was the best episode of #SCRUBS this season. I like the lack of inner monologue in this episode Keep it up

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