Tuesday, February 02, 2010

From Twitter 02-01-2010

Good morning all. feeling amazingly well. So iI shall waste this good health on a trip to see my orthopedic doctor. See if she can fix me :)
Just got home from the doctor. Took pain meds. I should be running to the bank, instead I am ready to fall asleep. OUCH goes my knee & me
Looking at the clock, I missed a chance to get the money counted as deposited today, so I can wait until I feel better
Hanging on bway waiting on a friend. 89 bus dead x the way. masswhole watching makes the time fly by. blog ya later
Back at the house, errands are done. I'm so in for the night and ready for #Chuck to start.
RT @jessicamcminn: I think Casey is getting a little turned on by Weap-Con lol CHUCK
Its time for a new #Chuck! This show rocks out loud. Get your mouth over here and pull it out of my pocket.
Another fine episode of #Chuck, who just found the stones. This show is the best part of Monday night.

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