Tuesday, February 16, 2010

From Twitter 02-15-2010

Just told the room mate not to leave lights on when he is not in the room. Dear ghods I sound like my parents. Depressing thought that one
Working on the herb data base today, wicked sore throat today, going to be hitting the feel good tea early and often.
I have the house all to myself today, time to do some magic create a few potions, and over all just chill and relax. Chillax if you will
I am getting sleepy. In the middle of the day. When I need to be doing something I can't summon the energy. Stupid lupus, want my life back
My voice is completely gone now, I can whisper a few words, but nothing big. Good thing the dogs and cat are behaving or I would OOL
Watching the Westminster Kennel Club show on USA, Wish I was seeing it live, but it's not to be this year. Sigh maybe some day I'll go
Watching Westminster Dog show. Keeping my fingers crossed for Keeshound http://bit.ly/bcA9gd to win in non sporting group.
Watching Westminster Dog show. I keep yelling "Don't pick the poodle!" I hope she hears me. So sick of poodles always winning the group
And now for the Keeshound. fingers crossed that this dog does well

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