Monday, February 15, 2010

Asylum called Boston the city with the most depressing local news stories

Really not sure of their methodology on this. The article complete with pie charts rates the amount of news coverage dedicated to ten major topics. The topics are; Accidents, Corruption, Crime, Economic & Business, Govt & National Security, Health Advisories, Human Interest, Local, Sports, Weather & Travel.

Some of the categories make no sense, just what is a "local" story any way? Do they mean something like Chronicle? Or a guide to events in the city? It looks as if there were no stories of Accidents or Corruption during the week of the survey. Which I find confusing, because Lawrence Mayor William Lantigua has been in the news pretty steadily for not doing either job his constituents voted him in to.

Which city has the most deprssing news

Pop on over and see for yourself.

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