Monday, February 15, 2010

I knew they tasted wrong

I am a great lover of NECCO wafers. If I could figure out a way to live on them I would. During the Civil War a roll of NECCO wafers was given to every Union Solder as part of their emergency rations (according to Wait Wait don't Tell Me!) As a fan, I wait every year for Sweethearts so I can get my wafer fix and a giggle. This year I grabbed a bag at CVS and found myself very disappointed. They tasted different, they tasted wrong.

Well I was right, according to this story from NPR, they have changed the recipe for Sweethearts. New Flavor for Sweethearts What a bummer that is. I don't like the new formula, I enjoyed the old chalky taste.

Fun fact about NECCO - they were the first company to introduce profit sharing, in 1906. They have been in the candy business since 1847

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