Sunday, February 28, 2010

From Twitter 02-27-2010

Slept so much today that I can sleep at all tonight. Should I turn off the lights and stare at the ceiling, or read a book until I sleep?
Took forever to fall asleep, just finally woke up. Can wiggle my toes again. Swelling finally going away in leg. ya sleeping with cast on
I just realized a generation has grown up with out ever seeing ABC
I just realized an entire generation has grown up with out ever seeing ABC's Wide World of Sports. Wonder if agony of defeat guy is alive?
Just filpped on CNN waiting to see if the tsunami is going to hit soon. It's like the whole world is watching this today. Watching & waiting
First Walter Keoning's son, then Marie Osmond's son. Wonder which famous person child will be the next to take their life?
CNN says there is a whale playing in the bay. Wish they could get good pictures for tsunami
After several hours of tsunami and earthquake coverage, and a sudden change of plans, I decided to watch Nick toons for the rest of the nite

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