Saturday, February 27, 2010

Short forms


Don't have a lot to say today, but have several topics I want to cover.

** After years of my right foot turning out I just looked down and realized my right foot is in the proper position. I wonder if all my right shoes will feel funny once I put them on? Will my shoes wear differently and for that matter be worn differently?

** My birds are singing to the sun this morning. Suns angle in the sky has finally changed enough to brighten the hallway by 9am. While it is nice now, I will not be so happy in April when they are waking up at 6am.

** I can't wait until I can walk without crutches again. First remotely warm day this year and I am going to be on the beach.

** Spring is almost here. The opossums are out of hibernation and back in my garbage cans.

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