Friday, February 26, 2010

Not done much today, but think about my dolls

Between all the running around yesterday, and not sleeping well with the rain storm. - Winds recorded at 50 mph at Logan - Boy do I have a messy yard to clean up. I ended up sleeping most of the day. It was a kind of restful sleep, so I have a bad feeling I will not sleep well tonight.

What I did do, in the few hours I have been up is sigh up for the new recycling program in Revere. They have an agreement with a recycling company that weighs the amount of recycling you put in the bin. From there you get points that can be used to get awards. 

I don't know how long it will take to get points, but it should be fun to work towards it.

I am starting to miss my doll collection now. Spent some time looking at dolls. Think I am going to put some display dolls in the big doll house that is sitting down stairs. Clean up the collection of junk that have appeared on my bureaus and put some dolls up here as well. Ya face it I'm a little kid inside.

Have not posted much about the doll collection lately. Here is some of it from the Barbie Collector site. 

Jan's Barbie collection It is not by any means the full collection, just the tip of the collection ice burg so to speak.

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