Monday, February 22, 2010

The off to the hospital post

Leaving for the hospital in about 20 minutes. Not sure how long surgery will take. Will post again when I get back.

Not much of a breakfast person, but man I am craving IHOP pancakes now.  Course that means no knee surgery today.  Maybe if I feel up to it I will have them later in the week. 

This is minor surgery, not even getting admitted unless something goes wrong. Roommates are going to stay at the hospital with me and drive me home.  I am a lot calmer realizing that they will be right there the entire time.

Have my cell phone on me. Will not be able to use it during the surgery, but I will post a note to twitter when I am on the way home.  Darn, I am such a baby about this.

Speaking of which, just so it's written down some where, and even if you only lurk and never post.

Copy this text and sign your name below.  I want there to be no questions about my opinion and a large number of people who make sure my wishes are upheld.

If anything goes wrong with  Jan Dumas today, She  do not want to be kept alive by machines. If she  start to slip away,I the undersigned promise to  let her go. 

If this is an anonymous post please give me your name.

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