Monday, February 22, 2010

Home again

Back from the hospital. Siting in bed surrounded by new (to me) books. Reading a few silly ones like "101 Reasons to be proud your're Irish. 

Byron is barking at me, I think he wants me to get up and play with him. That is so not going to happen today. No for at least a week or more. I have been hopping around going to the bathroom and giving the dogs some food.  But Byron is not going to get me to go up and down the steps any time soon.

I have an air cast, that has a bladder for cold water.  Tried to open the valve to drain the cast, but can't figure it out.  Instructions on cast are how to refill it, not how to drain it.  Sent an email message to the company asking if someone could call me and walk me through it the first time. 

The nurses in recovery showed me how to fill it, but not how to empty it.  That means it is either so easy a fool could do it, or that I am a fool for not figuring out how to do it.  Either way, if anyone knows how to drain this bladder, I would be forever grateful. 

The instruction book has tips for adding water, but not for draining water.   

I figured out the only possible way to drain the cuff is to drain the water back into the cooler.   And, it worked just fine.  Stupid way of working, but who am I to complain.  Just a simple engineer who makes stuff work.   

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