Wednesday, March 10, 2010

From Twitter 03-09-2010

Oh man I did not sleep well last night. Woke up one to many times. Want to sleep all day. But I can't stuff to do, but for now, back to bed
Answered the lj writers block question about legalizing marijuana. I am the only one thinking of the greater uses of industrial hemp vs. pot
Please read and comment on my blog post marijuana, the most useful plant mother nature has ever given us.!
Having a stress filed day i do not like stress not on bit
Made it to the bank, I hope this means my cable check does not bounce tonight. Had to leave med behind at CVS. Not enough $ to pay 4 them
I have pretty much decided without even looking at the RHA apartment that I will be taking it. Means I will be moving. Big moving sale soon
#LOST is on, this show rocks. Miles just used Ben's words against him.
#LOST The island is going to get you in the end. What a nice way to put it. It's time for a Ben flashback on Lost. Can't turn away from it
Finally we are getting the answer to why Richard never ages. Wait a minute what the hell did he just say? stop fucking with me #LOST
Wait a minute where's Jin? I don't want to see Whitmore, I want to see Jin. Quit messing with me #LOST
Time to watch #The Forgotten, another good show I am getting into.
Last episode of The Forgotten EVER. Gonna miss this show, it made me cry every week. And I got to watch Chrisitan Slater on a weekly basis

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