Tuesday, March 09, 2010

The most useful plant Mother Nature has ever given us.

As some one who studied the hemp plant and it's many uses I think legalizing marijuana is an excellent idea. The plant is incredibly useful, it can be used to make cloth and rope.  It was the plant that helped us become a free country because many of our founding fathers grew the plant. 

Cannabis, is one of the most useful plants Mother Nature has granted us. It can be used to make paper, cloth, plastics, fuel and as a food source!   Uses of Hemp

We could do as the UK does and sell cultivation licenses, with one license for growing fields of Sativa for industrial use, one for growing Indica or Ruderalis for personal use.  As long as we continue to out law smoking in public places the use.  I am certain if growing marijuana was legalized, farmers currently growing tobacco would switch to cannabis a better plant to grow, and one that does not rob the soil of nutrients the way tobacco does. Farmers would need fewer chemicals, almost no insecticides and would get a better return on selling their crops.

Think about it, a plant that can be used for everything we currently use oil for!  A plant that can be used to make plastics and fuel our cars and homes. Hemp a new crop with new uses

The more I read about the uses of hemp, the more I wonder why we still have The Marijuana Tax Act of 1937 still on the books!  This law was pushed through by William Randolph Hearst, who was less concerned with pot smokers and more concerned with protecting his own financial interests. 

Forget about allowing people to grow Indica for their own personal use. It's time to allow the farmers of America a chance to grow Sativa, the most use full plant mother nature has ever given us!

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