Sunday, March 28, 2010

From Twitter 03-27-2010

Woke up when Byron wanted to go out. Need a bit more sleep, so just checked email and turning off the light.
NPR is interviewing Tom Tierney on his paper doll art work dolls! - Very cool interview. Very cool
Trying to change my address and forward my mail. both sites are not working. I am annoyed
Got RMV to work, they don't send labels any more, tell you to make your own COA label for your license. That's a odd cut back
Hey the Schillings are getting interviewed on NPR today. Wow I am miss twitter today
Packed my entire closet. in some pain right now. Taking a pain pill and resting for a bit. Gonna rest for 60 minutes. then back to work
Running a fever of 99.2 going to stop packing and rest. Drink some ice water and take a breather. Would love some help today, or distraction
Getting nervous about room mates. sent them an email about getting their stuff out of the house. and getting the stuff they borrowed back.
All that is left to pack is a few cups & clothing Need to do one last load of laundry then fall down.
Spent an hour on the phone with a friend it help some, but still stressed out to the max. Gonna eat ice cream for supper. cause I can
I have decided I am done for the night, going to rest maybe try to sleep. Once I switch the laundry.
All right gang, your not going to see me for a few days. Please hold it together while I am gone.

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