Friday, April 09, 2010

From Twitter 04-08-2010

I'm up Byron is walked. Pain level has dropped to a one. Need to take out the trash, CVS, and oil change. Pay some bills. Get paper
I am done with 55 Arcadia. Bank has the key, I am free.
I just sneezed so hard my head hurts.
Back from my errands. Forgot to go over to housing office and get a parking pass. Really need to DO that tomorow.
Took the trash down stairs to the dumpster instead of tossing it down the trash chute. Managed to pinch my arm in the door when I came back
If you take any lessons from yesterday's building fire, it's get OUT when you hear the fire alarm. Not when the fire fighters arrive #boston
Watching How it's made all about candy. Giant tootsie roll makes me wish for Wanda vision!
Time for me to go to bed, see every one in the morning. Got to set the alarm have many errands to run.

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