Wednesday, April 14, 2010

From Twitter 04-13-2010

Used all of today's spoons yesterday Now all my muscles are twitchng and my joints hurt. Darn itall
Pain meds knocked me out until just now. still hurts to move. Feel like I am going to fall flat on my face today
As long as I don't put any weight on my legs they will behave. The minute I stand up the muscle twitching starts & I fold up. Body pls stop
Walking with dinosaurs is coming to Worcester in June, Part of me wants to go, the tiny silly part of me wants to go
Ya I really want to see this show. It arrives in June, I can't wait
Watching ABC seeing adds for Dancing with the Stars, and V. Not a thing for the new LOST that's on tonight Kinda strange ya think
So #LOST does this mean Libby was not on the plane? Interesting

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