Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Getting use to my new home

Spent some time wandering around today, saying hello to the people I know. Meet the person who lives across the hall from me.  An older gentleman who sounds nice.  On the first floor there are two meeting rooms, one that is only accessible from outside of the building. The other room has a big screen television, a couple of nice couches, and several tables.

On the second floor is a reading room, with a mixture of books. Looked at a few of them today, the collection is made up of books that people left behind when they moved.  People are free to sit down there and read books or use the large tables to make puzzles.  I am thinking of bringing some of my puzzles down there and just starting to put them together.  People might join me, not really sure, but I don't have space in the apartment to make anything but the smallest puzzles.

I think that I might try to create a catalog with all the books in the reading room.  See what they have for a collection.   I might even bring some of my own books from the storage unit to add to the collection.  Not any of the books from my major collections, but some of the biographies and anthologies.  I might design a book plate  for each of the books.  Not really sure, have to spend more time in the room and get a feel for it. 

There is a tenant meeting next week that I plan to attend. It is time to elect a new slate of officers. I am most certainly NOT going to stand for an office. But showing up  with Byron wearing his assistance dog vest will help me get to meet more people.  I am going to start working on learning everyone bodies name. 

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