Sunday, May 02, 2010

From Twitter 05-01-2010

Two things that let me know I over did it yesterday, today achy body, and fever of 99.2. Time to rest up some
May is LUPUS awareness month, Wonder if we can get The Daily show to mention LUPUS awareness. WIsh I knew how 2 get their attention
Today is National Scrapbooking Day, Beltaine, and Lupus awareness month. I'll be busy this month.
I DVR'ed the TV Land Awards, watching it now, while I wait for the Red Sox game to start.
So glad I went grocery shopping yesterday and bought a five cases of soda. It was on sale, so I grabbed it. Gonna boil water for the dog
Finished watching the Sox game, they lost. Now I'm watching Boondock Saints. Damm I love this movie, it rocks, so totally rocks!

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