Wednesday, May 05, 2010

From Twitter 05-04-2010

Dang I keep falling asleep. I sat down to read and fell asleep. Now my back hurts from sleeping in a chair. Gonna head to bed for a bit
Not pain free, not a single spoon. This was a lost day a truly lost day.
Looking at the storm front I can figure out exactly why I feel like crap today. Severe thunderstorms crossing the state all day.
Wow rain is really coming down, I can smell the ozone in the air. Byron is not a happy puppy right now.
Strong smell of ozone in the air. Getting dark out fast. Think we are in for another thunder storm. My joints agree with me.
Tried to take Byron for a walk, He wanted nothing to do with it. Took a fast pee, a faster poo and dragged me back into the house.odd?
Will not blog or tweet spoilers to lost will not blog or tweet spoilers to lost. Holy SHIT lost

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